Vehicle Txt Msg Short Codes


Automatic SMS / Text Message Short Code Marketing for Auto Dealers

  • Place new or used car SMS short codes on automotive window stickers, 3rd party classified sites, dealer web sites, CraigsList ads, print media, direct-mail marketing, and more.
  • Obtain the consumers mobile phone number almost instantly, allowing you quick follow-up before they wind up looking at a vehicle at a competitors lot.
  • No long-term commitment, contracts, or upfront costs... simply pay for the leads you receive.
TxtLot Vehicle SMS/Text Message Short Code System

TxtLot is an exceptional way to utilize the latest technology to capture a consumers cell phone number right when they're looking at a vehicle, so that you can quickly call them at just the right time to help make a sale.

With TxtLot you can automatically have SMS Short Codes placed on CraigsList ads, MobileLot or WebLot window stickers, distribute them to 3rd party classified sites and web inventory within a vehicles Global Vehicle Tag Line or Promotional Text, or use them within print or direct-mail media. And at just 25¢ cents per text message received when using our "AUTO" keyword, or 15¢ per text message received and $40/mo. when you use an available keyword of your choosing, the ROI is sure to be substancial.

Want to see it in action? Text "AUTO 15WGD" To "72345".

How Does it Work?

Consumers see your vehicle Short Codes in media that you've opted to have them placed in.

The short code will say something similar to "Text AUTO 15WGD to 72345" or  "Text AUTO 122HZ to 72345 For More Info".

When the consumer sends the text from their mobile phone, a reply is immediately sent to them via SMS with your Dealership Name, Phone Number, the Year Make and Model of the vehicle, and a link for them to view complete details about the vehicle via our mobile inventory pages.

An email with their phone number and details about which vehicle they were responding to is immediately emailed to the dealer, and may also optionally be delivered to a cell phone at the dealership via text message. Additionally, an XML lead can be emailed to the dealers CRM email address if one is defined.  The lead is then stored in the leads section of the webLot web-based backend for later review or follow-up.

How Much Does it Cost?

When using our premium system keyword "AUTO", pricing is just a flat 15¢ cents per txt msg received.


If you would like to choose your own keyword (based on keyword availability), such as "TOWNCHEVY", pricing is a flat 7.5¢ per txt message received and $40/mo. per dealer. This is a great option if you need the ability to quickly discontinue TxtLot service for a dealer and eliminate any residual incoming messages that are the result of their keyword being out in the public facing media.

To use your own keyword for all dealers in an entire admin account, pricing is 15¢ cents per txt message received and $40/mo. Please contact us to have a custom keyword applied to your main admin account. In the event that some dealers within your admin account have their own keyword(s), the per-dealer custom keyword pricing applies to those dealer accounts.

Ready to take the next step? All that you need is a WebLot account. Click here to get started. If you already have a WebLot account, simply enable TxtLot within the dealers settings.

Considering switching from another provider? We'd love to have you! Be sure to let us know as we may be able to offer special incentives.

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