WebLot Enterprise Backend

Centralized enterprise management for an unlimited number of dealers; Accounts, logins, inventory uploading, data distribution, web inventory, CraigsList posting, & more.

Key Features:
  • Upload inventory & photos from DeskLot, MobileLot, 3rd party software, 3rd party inventory sources, & DMS polling.
  • Automated data distribution/aggregation to 3rd party classified sites.
  • Enterprise dealer account and inventory management.
  • Login access per global account, global account holder employees, dealer and dealer staff.
  • Cutting-edge easy to use web-based window sticker design environment.

With WebLot...
...the tools to succeed are in YOUR hands

  • Proven 12+ year track record of quality & reliability.
  • Run your business the way that YOU want; Our products are very flexible.
  • No startup fee's, no minimums; Grow your business at YOUR pace.
  • No contracts; Quality retains customers, not force.
  • No franchise fee's or percentages of what YOU'VE earned.
  • We have a vested interest in your success and are happy to share tips and advise to help you succeed.

WebLot Enterprise Backend

I've been very please with WebLot and the other products from WalkTheLot.com!

WebLot has proven to be a reliable solution for my company. Everything they have just works, so rather than focusing on technology, we can focus on growing our business and keeping our dealer clients happy.

With field techs all over our market, the centralized management has proven to be a real business saver. I can quickly resolve issues for our clients, like updating a sticker or dealer warranty in real-time for a tech 50 miles away on the dealers lot, or verifying a newly added vehicle went out in a feed.

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Auto Dealership Domain Hosting Plans

A domain hosting plan is NOT required to use the WebLot vehicle inventory modules. Our inventory modules are included with your account free of additional charge. A domain hosting plan is only required if you wish to host a web site for your domain (such as www.MyDomain.com) on one of our servers.

All hosting accounts are billed to the Master Account Holder and are included in the monthly invoice issued on the 1st of each month.

Domain hosting is ordered via your WebLot Administrative backend under the "More" menu.


  • Email Addrs: Maximum number of email addresses allowed for the account.
  • Email Storage: Maximum storage space allowed to store emails per email account.
  • Disk Space: The amount of physical storage spaced used by the account on our servers.
  • Bandwidth: The amount of data in MB's transfer to or from your hosting account.
Domain Hosting Plans
Plan Mo. Setup Email Addrs Email Storage Disk Space Bandwidth/Mo.
Standard $9.95 $25.00 2 50MB 25 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 250 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Standard+ $14.95 $25.00 2 100MB 25 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 250 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Silver $14.95 $25.00 5 50MB 50 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 500 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Silver+ $21.95 $25.00 5 100MB 50 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 500 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Bronze $24.95 $25.00 10 50MB 100 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 750 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Bronze+ $36.95 $25.00 10 100MB 100 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 750 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Gold $34.95 $25.00 20 50MB 200 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 1,000 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Supreme $44.95 $25.00 40 50MB 400 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 2,000 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)
Supreme+ $66.95 $25.00 40 100MB 400 MB ($0.20 addnl MB) 2,000 MB ($0.01 addnl MB)