WebLot Enterprise Backend

Centralized enterprise management for an unlimited number of dealers; Accounts, logins, inventory uploading, data distribution, web inventory, CraigsList posting, & more.

Key Features:
  • Upload inventory & photos from DeskLot, MobileLot, 3rd party software, 3rd party inventory sources, & DMS polling.
  • Automated data distribution/aggregation to 3rd party classified sites.
  • Enterprise dealer account and inventory management.
  • Login access per global account, global account holder employees, dealer and dealer staff.
  • Cutting-edge easy to use web-based window sticker design environment.

With WebLot...
...the tools to succeed are in YOUR hands

  • Proven 16+ year track record of quality & reliability.
  • Run your business the way that YOU want; Our products are very flexible.
  • No startup fee's, no minimums; Grow your business at YOUR pace.
  • No contracts; Quality retains customers, not force.
  • No franchise fee's or percentages of what YOU'VE earned.
  • We have a vested interest in your success and are happy to share tips and advise to help you succeed.

WebLot Enterprise Backend

"Ken Rucker has been absolutely phenomenal in assisting our dealership in the transition to WalkTheLot.com. From the very first phone call he was attentive to our needs and specifically what features we were looking for, and suggested the right package for us. Once we signed up with WalkTheLot, he was incredibly helpful in setting up inventory feeds to all of our providers, going over the MobileLot operation, and answering any other questions we managed to come up with. Given the chance, I would highly recommend Ken Rucker and the WalkTheLot.com team to others in the auto industry. "

Using Another Provider?

Although WebLot is great for dealers as well as for dealer groups, it is not a product initially designed for dealers and then just adapted for window sticker companies after the fact. We've designed it from the ground up with the tools and infrastructure needed for even the largest scale sticker companies to succeed.

We're sure that as you begin to use WebLot, each day it will become more and more apparent that your previous provider was just not designed with your success in mind.

Ready to make the switch? Let us help take your company to the next level. Call us at 800.615.9981.

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Our WebLot product has all that you would expect from a back-end designed to serve the auto industry. However, unlike "run of the mill" auto industry back-ends that are designed specifically for dealers, ours is designed for businesses just like yours who service multiple auto dealerships. No matter how large or small your enterprise, you can easily manage it all from one centralized location.

WebLot has constantly been refined for over 16 years, based on the needs & feedback from our many clients with lot service companies just like yours. Our goal is, and has always been, to provide a complete suite of products that give our clients all that they need to sucessfully run their vehicle window label/photo/data aggregation businesses.

When it comes to servicing your dealers lots, it's all about convenience & speed of processing vehicles. That's where our incredibly powerful MobileLot Android & iOS apps comes in. With MobileLot you can quickly & easily scan VIN barcodes/QR codes, decode VIN's, print window stickers & buyers guides, take photos, 360° photos, videos, easily select warranties & promotion text & so much more! Then, just tap a button to publish it all either individually or in batch to your WebLot account. You can even enter & print invoices & reports all from the palm of your hand with MobileLot.

Want to use an external professional-grade camera rather than a smart-phone camera? WebLot Photo Match, our free Windows utility, makes matching & uploading photos a breeze.

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Promotion Code "VACATION": After your first 6 months of paid in full invoices we will mail you a check for 25% of the total WebLot fees that you have paid over your first 6 months.

Promotion Code "25PO6MO": Your WebLot fees will automatically be discounted 25% each month for your first 6 months. After the promotional period you will begin being billed our standard already competative rates.

Promotions are available to new clients only, or clients who have not had a WebLot account during the last 12 months.