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Introducing... MobileLot for Android & iOS

Professional-Grade Used-Car Window Sticker, Buyers Guide Printing, and Automobile Dealership Vehicle Data Collection and Publishing App.

  • Quickly and reliably scan VIN barcodes.
  • Add vehicles at lightening speeds with the built-in VIN decoder/exploder.
  • Print professional window stickers & buyers guides.
  • Super-fast vehicle data collection.
  • Print QR Codes and CARFAX® Highlights.
  • ...and more.

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Used Car Window Sticker Printing Android iPhone iPad iOS

MobileLot for iOS... things just got bigger

MobileLot Works great with iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Air, and late generation iPods. Take advantage of the new iPhone 6 larger screen sizes to more easily get more done. Print at lightening speeds with built-in Apple AirPrint.

  • Quickly and reliably scan VIN barcodes.
  • Add vehicles at lightening speeds with the built-in VIN decoder/exploder.
  • Print professional window stickers & buyers guides.
  • Super-fast vehicle data collection.
  • Print QR Codes and CARFAX® Highlights... and much more!

Download for iOS or AndroidWatch the Video

Record Vehicle Video Tours
External Camera Support

For users who wish to use their external digital camera rather than the built-in Android or iOS camera, check out our "WebLot Photo Match" utility for Windows.

Window Sticker Company?

Operating a window sticker or vehicle data collection company and currently using another product?

Although many dealers use our products, they are all initially designed for large scale window sticker companies. They are not simply adapted to "kind of sort of" work for sticker companies. They're designed for that from the ground up.

Contact us for competitive pricing as well as to discuss the right combination of products to take your company to the next level and unlock the unlimited growth potential of your business.


Used Car Window Sticker Printing & Vehicle Data Collection for Android & iOS.

MobileLot enables WalkTheLot WebLot account holders, normally used car window sticker printing companies, to use their Android® or Apple® smart phones or tablet devices to completely process cars recently add to their used-car dealer clients lots. However, MobileLot is also very well suited for individual dealers as well as large dealer groups who need to inventory in vehicles, take photos, and print window labels.

Best of all, it's FREE... all that you need is a WalkTheLot WebLot account!

Quickly and easily scan and decode the VIN, tap to select automotive data, take vehicle photos, print window stickers and buyers guide labels, and publish the vehicle data to the Internet for dealer use, Internet inventory listing, and for publishing to 3rd party classified sites.

    RICOH THETA V or S 360 Camera
  • Now supports capturing 360° interior vehicle images with the RICOH THETA V or S 360° camera.
  • Works with large screen smart phones and tablets that run Android® or Apple® iOS mobile operating systems.
  • Works with the Samsung Galaxy Camera's that runs Android®, allowing you to take professional quality photos, print stickers, decode VIN's, publish data and more... and all of this while only carrying a camera around the lot!
  • Use the quick and reliable built-in VIN barcode scanner to scan vehicle VIN's.
  • Decode VIN's with the optional additionally priced ($45/mo. unlimited decodes) "VIN Advanced" VIN decoder/exploder.
  • Either manually type a stock number, or if there is a barcode of it, use the barcode scanner.
  • Select most vehicle data with easy-tap pickers.
  • Single-tap to select vehicle equipment and accessories from any of 4 categories; Decoded standard equipment, decoded optional equipment, imported (from WebLot) equipment, or from a general equipment list that you can customize. There is also a time-saving "check all" menu option.
  • Import vehicles from a dealers WebLot account.
  • Print inventory added reports for field tech tracking or for giving to the dealer with your invoice.
  • If your dealers use promotional text for their cars, a quick tap lets you select from text entries the dealer has added to their account, or, you can key in a new one.
  • Select warranties with a tap for printing used car buyers guides.
  • Easily take up to 50 photos per vehicle with your devices built-in camera. If you prefer to use an external digital camera, you can use the built-in photo timer along with our free "WebLot Photo Match" utility. This method automatically matches your digital camera photos to vehicles based on their date and time.
  • When your done processing a vehicle, you can either publish it right then, therefore making it instantly available online, or batch upload all or unpublished vehicles at a later time.
  • Record and publish live walk-around vehicle video tours.
  • You can also use MobileLot to take and upload "photos only" if you do not want or need to collect vehicle data. When only photos are uploaded, if the vehicle already exists in the dealers WebLot account, the photos are automatically added. If the vehicle does not yet exist, the photos will be stored for 24 hours and may be added to the vehicle by a single "Add MobileLot Photos" link from the WebLot vehicle edit page.
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera for Auto Dealers Window StickersOnce a vehicle has been published, with a tap, MobileLot gives you a list of window stickers and buyers guides configured for the dealer in your WebLot account. Stickers are easy to configure with our cutting-edge web-based designer. They even support QR Codes and CARFAX® Highlights. Tap the sticker or multiple stickers of your choice, and MobileLot downloads the PDF to your device and prompts you to open it for viewing or printing. For Android, the helper applications that we suggest are PrinterShare for non-HP printers, HP ePrint for HP printers, and Adobe Reader for viewing stickers. For iOS devices, generally an Apple AirPrint capable printer is desired for printing. It is possible to print via HP ePrint on iOS, and possibly other manufacturer printing apps via the "View" option when printing rather than directly via the "Print" menu choice. To print from mobile devices, both the device and the printer must be on the same WiFi network. Generally this is done in the field by using a WiFi hot spot device which can be purchased from your wireless provider.
  • ...and more...

See MobileLot in Action. Check out our YouTube Video.

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While you're on the phone, be sure to ask about special WebLot package pricing for MobileLot users. Pricing start at around a hundred bucks a month, and for small dealers, such as buy-here-pay-here, our à la carte pricing options can cost you even less.

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