WebLot Enterprise Backend

Centralized enterprise management for an unlimited number of dealers; Accounts, logins, inventory uploading, data distribution, web inventory, CraigsList posting, & more.

Key Features:
  • Upload inventory & photos from DeskLot, MobileLot, 3rd party software, 3rd party inventory sources, & DMS polling.
  • Automated data distribution/aggregation to 3rd party classified sites.
  • Enterprise dealer account and inventory management.
  • Login access per global account, global account holder employees, dealer and dealer staff.
  • Cutting-edge easy to use web-based window sticker design environment.

With WebLot...
...the tools to succeed are in YOUR hands

  • Proven 16+ year track record of quality & reliability.
  • Run your business the way that YOU want; Our products are very flexible.
  • No startup fee's, no minimums; Grow your business at YOUR pace.
  • No contracts; Quality retains customers, not force.
  • No franchise fee's or percentages of what YOU'VE earned.
  • We have a vested interest in your success and are happy to share tips and advise to help you succeed.

WebLot Enterprise Backend

"Ken Rucker has been absolutely phenomenal in assisting our dealership in the transition to WalkTheLot.com. From the very first phone call he was attentive to our needs and specifically what features we were looking for, and suggested the right package for us. Once we signed up with WalkTheLot, he was incredibly helpful in setting up inventory feeds to all of our providers, going over the MobileLot operation, and answering any other questions we managed to come up with. Given the chance, I would highly recommend Ken Rucker and the WalkTheLot.com team to others in the auto industry. "

Using Another Provider?

Although WebLot is great for dealers as well as for dealer groups, it is not a product initially designed for dealers and then just adapted for window sticker companies after the fact. We've designed it from the ground up with the tools and infrastructure needed for even the largest scale sticker companies to succeed.

We're sure that as you begin to use WebLot, each day it will become more and more apparent that your previous provider was just not designed with your success in mind.

Ready to make the switch? Let us help take your company to the next level. Call us at 800.615.9981.

WebLot Features

web backend portal inventory distributionWebLot is an incredibly flexible and feature rich product with a multitude of customization and implementation options designed specifically for professional window sticker companies of any size. In fact, dealer service companies coast-to-coast use it each and every day to successfully manage and run their businesses.

You might not initially need every feature and option, but when the need arises, it's good to know that it's there to give you the competitive edge. Keep in mind, not every feature is listed, but if you need it, it is probably there. If you have questions about any features that are important to you that are not listed, please contact us so that we can answer your specific questions.

  • Add an unlimited number of dealerships, and completely manage them all, as well as their inventories and settings from one centralized web location.
  • Add employee logins for both the administrative backend as well as for any dealerships so that employees can login without having access to any master Account ID's or passwords.
  • Dealer permissions allow you to set what vehicle fields you want a dealer to be able to view and/or edit.
  • Have a dealer who is not paying on time? You can freeze their account and deny them login access.
  • Private label brand both the administrative backend and dealer backend.
  • Choose from a number of color schemes for your backend as well as on a per-dealer basis for the dealer backend.
  • Customizable inventory management list allows both you and the dealer to select which fields to view, sort on, has quick edit fields, and more.
  • Quick inventory list allows one click showing of all vehicles such as new, used, certified, active, deleted, without prices, without promotional text, never posted to CraigsList, and more.
  • Quick vehicle edit based on VIN or Stock Number.
  • Advanced vehicle list search allows searching based on advanced search criteria.
  • Customizable and printable vehicle inventory reports.
  • Support for up to 50 photos per vehicle.
  • Automatic vehicle image resizing upon upload.
  • Automatic vehicle image watermarks/banners upon upload.
  • Automatic assignment of a default vehicle image when no other image exists. Great for a "photo coming soon" image.
  • Photo reorder/rearrangement tool.
  • View a list of all exports to 3rd party sites, complete with a copy of the last file sent and 7 days of export logs.
  • Free aggregation to some of the most popular free vehicle classified sites.
  • View log files for all dealer inventory uploads. Great for tracking field tech performance or for troubleshooting.
  • View import robot activity and see what uploaded inventory files are processing, complete, or have failed.
  • Automatic pre-configured upload configurations for clients using our DeskLot window sticker printing software.
  • Inventory upload settings allow you to set if you want to automatically delete vehicles that are not in the latest inventory upload (i.e. require sending the complete inventory each time), if you want to just send the newly added vehicles for adding to or updating inventory without deleting, or for group feeds, if you want to restrict the feed from adding vehicles, only allowing the feeds to update vehicles that already exist in inventory.
  • Notify the dealer with an automatic custom email whenever a new upload is posted to their inventory. Perfect for sending a message to the dealer reminding them to price their vehicles or to review data uploaded.
  • Print window stickers and buyers guides, complete with QR codes and CARFAX® highlights.
  • Easy to use and intuitive web based window sticker and buyers guide design environment. Select from and modify included templates, copy stickers, or create new ones from scratch.
  • Highly customizable web inventory modules for embedding vehicle inventory within both an individual dealer web site, and a combined inventory for all dealers within an account. The latter is perfect for a dealer group web site, a sticker company site, portal site, or vehicle classified site.
  • Inventory modules linking allows including specific dealer accounts or inventory from another master account.
  • Inventory module parameters can restrict what inventory is displayed, such as new, used, certified, all, special flags 1, 2 or 3, or inventory based on age.
  • With a web site menu bar and customizable home page and contact us page, you can turn the standard inventory modules into a functioning menu driven site. Perfect for smaller dealers who may not have the budget for a professional full-fledged site design.
  • Automatic mobile device detection which offers visitors a link to mobile inventory.
  • Want vehicles added to an account from private sellers? Our private seller modules allow that.
  • Global vehicle tag lines/promotional text (such as "one owner, low mileage" or "call for special internet price") that applies to all vehicles for a dealership, or promotional text on a per-vehicle basis.
  • For dealers who have a CARFAX® account, include CARFAX® highlights in inventory modules as well as on window stickers.
  • Support for vehicle video code or video URL methods of embedding video for vehicles, as well as a global option that applies to all vehicles in the dealers inventory.
  • Dealer web leads and optional credit application submissions delivered via email, optionally via emailed XML to a CRM, and encrypted and stored for 30 days.
  • Vehicle audio narration creates an audio file that describes each vehicle. The audio automatically plays in our web inventory modules as the vehicle image slideshow is displayed.
  • Ability to restrict your dealers inventory from displaying on the main WalkTheLot.com web site or from being sent in free classified site feeds.
  • Emailed dealer vehicle changes reports allows you to periodically get a report of what vehicles a dealer has logged in and changed.
  • Account access and usage logs for both administrative and dealer backend's.
  • View a counter of the number of times a vehicle has been viewed in consumer facing inventory modules. Optionally have the counter reset on the 1st of each month, or let it continue to increment.
  • Support for U.S., Canadian, or U.K. currencies and mileage.

...and much much more.

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