WebLot Enterprise Backend

Centralized enterprise management for an unlimited number of dealers; Accounts, logins, inventory uploading, data distribution, web inventory, CraigsList posting, & more.

Key Features:
  • Upload inventory & photos from DeskLot, MobileLot, 3rd party software, 3rd party inventory sources, & DMS polling.
  • Automated data distribution/aggregation to 3rd party classified sites.
  • Enterprise dealer account and inventory management.
  • Login access per global account, global account holder employees, dealer and dealer staff.
  • Cutting-edge easy to use web-based window sticker design environment.

With WebLot...
...the tools to succeed are in YOUR hands

  • Proven 16+ year track record of quality & reliability.
  • Run your business the way that YOU want; Our products are very flexible.
  • No startup fee's, no minimums; Grow your business at YOUR pace.
  • No contracts; Quality retains customers, not force.
  • No franchise fee's or percentages of what YOU'VE earned.
  • We have a vested interest in your success and are happy to share tips and advise to help you succeed.

WebLot Enterprise Backend

"Ken Rucker has been absolutely phenomenal in assisting our dealership in the transition to WalkTheLot.com. From the very first phone call he was attentive to our needs and specifically what features we were looking for, and suggested the right package for us. Once we signed up with WalkTheLot, he was incredibly helpful in setting up inventory feeds to all of our providers, going over the MobileLot operation, and answering any other questions we managed to come up with. Given the chance, I would highly recommend Ken Rucker and the WalkTheLot.com team to others in the auto industry. "

Using Another Provider?

Although WebLot is great for dealers as well as for dealer groups, it is not a product initially designed for dealers and then just adapted for window sticker companies after the fact. We've designed it from the ground up with the tools and infrastructure needed for even the largest scale sticker companies to succeed.

We're sure that as you begin to use WebLot, each day it will become more and more apparent that your previous provider was just not designed with your success in mind.

Ready to make the switch? Let us help take your company to the next level. Call us at 800.615.9981.

Start a Used-Car Window Sticker Printing Business

In most cases, window sticker companies are going to use the combination of two, possibly three of our products.

  • Either DeskLot window sticker printing software for Windows® or MobileLot for Android, iPhone & iPad.


Our DeskLot product is what you will use out on the dealers lot to collect the vehicle data, enter and decode the vehicle VIN, print the window stickers & buyers guides, match the vehicle photos, and upload the dealers vehicle data to an Internet based product such as WebLot. DeskLot runs on a Windows® based notebook or slate computer running the Windows® operating system.

Our MobileLot product is a free Android & iOS application that runs on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. The application is used on the dealers lot to scan the VIN barcode, decode the VIN, take vehicle photos, print window stickers & buyers guides via a Bluetooth or WiFi printer, and instantly publish the vehicle data to a dealers WebLot dealership account.

The WebLot enterprise web-based backend is the Internet product where you will send your dealers inventory and photos to. It allows your dealers and their employees to login and update prices and other vehicle data, view leads, post to CraigsList, embed vehicle inventory into their website, and more. It also handles tracking changes to the dealers vehicle data so that it can automatically send all of the outbound vehicle data feeds to the various 3rd party classified sites that the dealer subscribes to. In addition, it also provides you with all-in-one-place management for all of your dealer clients, their inventory, configuration, and logging.

If you don't use WebLot or a similar product, then your dealers are going to have to contact you directly each time that they want to make a change to a vehicle, leaving you to do all of the updating manually, as well as configuring and manually sending all outbound data feeds to 3rd party classified sites.

The First Step:

If you'll be using our DeskLot software:

Download the FREE 30 day trial. This is the product your companies field techs will be using out on the lot on a daily basis to print window labels for the vehicles, collect the vehicle data, and publish the data to the Internet. Take your time... get to know the software. It is a professional-grade solution with many options and customization features. If you get stuck anywhere or have questions, press F1 for help, or feel free to contact our support staff and they'll be happy to help you get up and going.

After you've installed DeskLot, there are a couple of short tutorials that will help you learn window sticker design within the DeskLot product. We strongly advise that you take the time for the 5-10 minutes tutorials as they will save you time and give you a more productive understanding of how to modify and design window stickers. From within DeskLot, press F1 for help. Click Help Topics in the upper-left, click Window Sticker Configuration Utility Help, then see the two links in the Tutorials section.

DeskLot includes a free basic VIN decoder and an additionally priced optional VIN exploder. The VIN decoders decode vehicle data from the vehicle VIN, such as equipment, MPG data, colors, year/make/model/trim, etc. The amount of data provided depends on the decoder you choose. We suggest that you try this option while in your 30 day trial period to see if it is an add-on that you would like to continue using once your trial period is over. To enable a VIN decoder, from the vehicle list screen within DeskLot, click the VIN Decoding menu at the top of the screen.

If you'll be using our MobileLot app:

Download the app for FREE from Google Play or the Apple App Store onto your phone or tablet. Then use Account ID 0 and a Password of demo to test drive it.

When you're ready to move forward with MobileLot, you'll need to create a WebLot account and add a dealership account to it. While getting started, we suggest just adding a few vehicles to a dealer account in WebLot so that you can get accustomed to it all. It won't cost you much... maybe a few dollars with our à la carte WebLot pricing, and you'll get to fully use the WebLot product and get the feel for how it all works and ties together.

Step 2, Create a WebLot Account:

After you've had the chance to install and get a bit accustomed to either DeskLot or MobileLot, you'll want to create a WebLot account and get accustomed to that product, as this is basically the master control center that allows you to drive your window sticker business to manageable success.

If you haven't had the chance yet, feel free to contact us to have us setup a WebLot demo account for you. Otherwise, go ahead and create your WebLot account. It's not going to cost you anything until you either start adding vehicles to dealership accounts, or selecting monthly packages for your dealers. Initially, we suggest that you just add a few vehicles to a test dealership account, which is not going to cost you but around $2.25.

For DeskLot Users:

After you've logged in and added a dealership account to your new WebLot account, select "Dealers", then click the dealer account to edit it. Now click the "Uploading Inventory" tab. About half way down the page, see the "Publish This Dealers Vehicles With DeskLot" section. This option allows you to download and import into DeskLot, a pre-configured configuration for sending the dealers vehicles and photos fromDeskLot to the dealers WebLot dealership account.

For MobileLot Users:

After you've logged in and added a dealership account to your new WebLot account, you'll want to customize and/or create some window stickers via the "Stickers" menu, as well as explore promotional text and warranty entries for dealers by editing a dealer account and seeing the "Helpful Links" section.  The window stickers, buyers guides, promotional text, and warranty entries that you configure within theWebLot web-based administrative backend are what show up as available choices within theMobileLot application.

Step 3:

Now it's time to just take your time and get to know the products. If you have questions, need help, or just get turned around, don't hesitate to give us a call so that we may assist you. After all, we want your company to be a success too!

Now, what you do with your company is up to you,  however, we advise new clients to start out small. Start with just one or two smaller dealers... dealers who will be more forgiving when you make mistakes and fumble as we all do when we're just starting out. Starting small will also allow you to learn "deep", which in the end will allow you to grow quicker and with a firmer foundation for success.