WebLot Enterprise Backend

Centralized enterprise management for an unlimited number of dealers; Accounts, logins, inventory uploading, data distribution, web inventory, CraigsList posting, & more.

Key Features:
  • Upload inventory & photos from DeskLot, MobileLot, 3rd party software, 3rd party inventory sources, & DMS polling.
  • Automated data distribution/aggregation to 3rd party classified sites.
  • Enterprise dealer account and inventory management.
  • Login access per global account, global account holder employees, dealer and dealer staff.
  • Cutting-edge easy to use web-based window sticker design environment.

With WebLot...
...the tools to succeed are in YOUR hands

  • Proven 16+ year track record of quality & reliability.
  • Run your business the way that YOU want; Our products are very flexible.
  • No startup fee's, no minimums; Grow your business at YOUR pace.
  • No contracts; Quality retains customers, not force.
  • No franchise fee's or percentages of what YOU'VE earned.
  • We have a vested interest in your success and are happy to share tips and advise to help you succeed.

WebLot Enterprise Backend

"Ken Rucker has been absolutely phenomenal in assisting our dealership in the transition to WalkTheLot.com. From the very first phone call he was attentive to our needs and specifically what features we were looking for, and suggested the right package for us. Once we signed up with WalkTheLot, he was incredibly helpful in setting up inventory feeds to all of our providers, going over the MobileLot operation, and answering any other questions we managed to come up with. Given the chance, I would highly recommend Ken Rucker and the WalkTheLot.com team to others in the auto industry. "

Your Business Is Unique

Questions about your unique busines needs? Call us at 800.615.9981 for zero pressure assistance finding the right combination of our products for your perfect solution.

Our Servers & Network

WalkTheLot.com is run from our leased high-end servers located on a private firewalled network in the "SoftLayer by IBM" secure data center in Houston Texas. These servers are completely managed and controlled by us, and are not shared servers or virtual cloud servers... they are physical servers dedicated to all things WalkTheLot.com.

ServersEach servers primary hard drive is mirrored for up to the millisecond duplicate data. In the event of a hard drive failure, the second hard drive is activated with zero data loss, and minimal down time.

Our database server, which runs on it's own independent server, is constantly mirrored to a different database server. Therefore, in the event of a database server machine failure, the secondary database server may be activated.

The secure data center is staffed 24/7/365. In the event of any outages, on location data center staff are notified and begin investigating and acting on our behalf according to documented procedures set forth by WalkTheLot.

Monitoring services are also active, and check vital server components (such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, CPU load, memory utilization, disk space, etc) every 5 minutes. If any negative results or outages are discovered, data center and WalkTheLot.com staff are immediately notified.

We operate our own web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, primary and secondary DNS servers, as well as primary and secondary SQL database servers.

The Network

Total network capacity is in excess of 250Gbps.

The network utilizes seven tier 1 providers, including, Level 3, Global Crossing, AT&T, AboveNet, NTT/Verio, and PCCW. In the event of a complete failure by even 6 of the 7 major network backbone providers, the network will continue to function due to network redundancies and fault tolerance.

The entire data center has complete power, heating, ventilation and air conditioning redundancy. If the data center were to experience power disruption for any reason, it would not suffer an outage because of complete power management and backup power generators.

FTP Server Security

As an additional security measure, to insure that in the unlikely event someone hacks FTP login credentials for a dealers account, inventory uploads to a dealers FTP account are restricted to only a small number of different, and unique to the dealer, inventory file names. Therefore, in the unlikely event that someone does gain unauthorized access, they would also have to guess the exact file name in order to upload anything at all, especially bogus inventory data for a dealer. In addition, each dealer account has their own FTP credentials so that other dealers (or parties) can not gain access to any inventory files uploaded.

Dedicated Backup Server

We have one CDP (continual data protection) server that is completely dedicated to backing up all other servers, and does so twice per day.