Automotive vehicle data aggregation/syndication distribution software
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Vehicle data collection & distribution
In a nutshell...

What We Do

We primarily focus on providing software solutions for lot service companies who provide dealer services such as Monroney window label & FTC buyers guide printing, media collection services such as vehicle photography, video, 360° images and more. Our suite of products cover the whole gambit of software, services and processes required to successfully manage and operate your dealer lot services enterprise.

Our WebLot enterprise back-end is the centralized hub for it all and provides administrative access to manage all data and configuration for your dealers, their vehicles, window sticker designs, 3rd party export logs, web-site inventory modules and more. It also enables you to create employee logins for both your employees as well as a leaner back-end where your dealers and their staff can login to manage their inventory. No contracts, expensive training/startup fees or monthly group fees required.

Vehicle data collection, Monroney label & FTC buyers guide printing and media (photos, videos, 360’s) collection is most often done via our free best in class MobileLot smart phone app. For those who prefer to use an external digital camera for taking photos, our free companion Windows software, WebLot Photo Match makes matching and uploading photos a breeze.

Finally, when it comes to vehicle data syndication/aggregation, such as to 3rd party classified sites, the dealers website, or vehicle data imports from another system, our server based robotics completely and reliably automate the inventory online (iol) processes, freeing up time for you to do what you do best… run your business worry-free.

   ...and psst, dealers and dealer groups, we can serve you as well :)

Be sure to review the specific products pages for each of our products for more detailed information as well as information on additional add-ons and services. When you're ready, getting started is easy. Create your WebLot account 24/7. Then just call us at your convenience so that we can provide expert assistance to help you get the most out of your account and get up and running quickly.

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MobileLot 11 for Android & iOS

Clean, full-featured and reliable. Built from the ground up specifically for professional dealer lot photo and label services companies. Works great on phones and tablets. Now with a newly designed best in industry service provider invoicing system, including easy invoice signature capture, affordable "SpinLot" 360 spin capture and light/dark mode support. Visit the MobileLot product page or call us for more information.


Monroney Labels with QR Code to VDP

Do your dealers vehicle prices change often? Do your dealers want customers to scan the window sticker for today's updated price?

With WebLot not only are completely customizable window labels easy to design and deploy, you can include items such as a QR code to direct customers directly to your dealers VDP's*, CarFax® Highlights, VIN or Stock barcodes and much more.

Now with optional extra large QR codes for COLD CLIMATE "DRIVE-BY PRICING" and vehicle details. The consumer can now scan a code to get pricing and vehicle details without having to leave their vehicle (if lot layout allows).

*Dependent on the dealer website providers ability to retrieve a VDP or search result via stock number or VIN. Contact us to verify functionality with the VDP provider.

Vehicle video tour capture

Walk-Around Videos

Real video beats photo stitched pseudo video

Use your iOS or Android device & MobileLot to record walk-around vehicle videos and upload to your WebLot account. Once the videos arrive on our servers they can optionally have an intro video bumper and image overlay added to them for the ultimate in dealer branding! They can also have background audio stripped and/or have a background audio track added to them.

Once uploaded, they will be served up from our servers via a video URL that can be exported to 3rd party classified sites that support video links. & VDP's support our video & 360° images widget. The widget should be able to be installed on any web host VDP.

WebLot account required. Additional add-on fee's apply

Introducing "SpinLot" Exterior 360° Spins

Easily capture and publish 360° exterior spins via our MobileLot app for Android & iOS.

Drag to rotate, tap/click to zoom and full screen mode. Optionally include a custom overlay for added dealer branding. Our spins are affordable, of great quality and simple. For those who don't want to spend a fortune for unneeded features such as hotspots, and just need a quality spin, "SpinLot" is a perfect solution.

WebLot account required. Additional SpinLot add-on fee's apply.
Check with us to see if your web host supports our media widget plugin.

Stunning 360° interiors images

Capture up to three stunning 360° interiors images per vehicle with your Ricoh Theta 360 camera and our MobileLot app for Android & iOS

WebLot account required. Additional 360 add-on fee's apply. Stock image shown below.

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HomeNet IOL and Impel Alternative
Software solutions for the professional car dealership lot services company. Automotive data collection, hosting & vehicle data syndication/distribution/merchandising. Vehicle multimedia collection such as photos, true vehicle video capture & 360 degree spherical images. Mobile monroney window labels & buyers guide sticker printing & more. Our products allow independent car dealership lot service and photo providers to easily manage and run their small or large businesses all from one place with a complete suite of integrated tools. Our products are also perfect for your dealer group or dealership groups.

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