Our Complete Suite of Dealer Lot Service Products

At WalkTheLot we primarily focus on providing software solutions for independent lot service companies who offer dealer services such as window label & buyers guide printing, media collection services such as vehicle photography, video, 360° images and more. Our suite of products cover the whole gambit of software, services and robotic processes required to successfully operate and manage your dealer lot services enterprise.

Our WebLot enterprise back-end provides administrative access to manage all data and configuration for your dealers, their vehicles, sticker designs, 3rd party export logs, web-site inventory modules and much more. It also enables you to create employee logins for both your employees as well as a leaner back-end where your dealers and their staff can login to manage their inventory.

Vehicle data collection, sticker printing and media (photos, videos, 360’s) collection is most often done via our free MobileLot smart phone app. For those who prefer to use an external digital camera for media capture, our free companion Windows software, WebLot Photo Match makes matching and uploading photos a breeze.

Finally, when it comes to vehicle data aggregation, such as to 3rd party classified sites, the dealers website, or vehicle data imports from another system that the dealer may use, our server based robotics completely and reliably automate these processes, freeing up time for you to do what you do best… run your business worry-free.

Be sure to review the specific product pages for each of our products (see left or top menu) for more detailed information as well as information on additional add-ons and services.

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