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Lot Photo, Video, Monroney and Buyers Guide Processing App for Dealer Lot Service Companies

MobileLot Automotive Window Label Printing & Vehicle Data Collection App

Simply the best on the market.
Print used car window labels from your Android or iOS smart phone

MobileLot enables WalkTheLot WebLot account holders, normally used car window label printing companies, to use their Android® or Apple® smart phone or tablet to completely process cars recently add to their used-car dealer clients lots. However, MobileLot is also very well suited for individual dealers as well as large dealer groups who need to inventory in vehicles, take photos, videos, 360's and/or print window labels.

Best of all, it's FREE... all that you need is a WebLot account!

Quickly and easily scan and decode the VIN, tap to select automotive data, take vehicle photos/video/360° interior images and exterior spins, apply image backgrounding, print window stickers and buyers guide labels, and publish the vehicle data to the Internet for dealer use, Internet inventory listing and for automated publishing to 3rd party classified sites.

Available for BOTH Android AND iOS. Supports light and dark modes.
Just a Handful of MobileLot's Features
Use Your Android or iOS Tablet or Phone

Works with large screen smart phones and tablets that run Android® or Apple® iOS mobile operating systems.

VIN Decoding *

Easily retrieve vehicle data and equipment with the built-in "VIN Advanced" VIN decoder/exploder.

Up To 50 Vehicle Photos

Easily take up to 50 photos per vehicle with your devices built-in camera, import photos from your camera roll, rearrange photos or use the photo timer feature and WebLot Photo Match.

Image Backgrounding in Seconds *

Apply backgrounding to images with a tap. Choose from 6 backgrounds and 3 methods; full BG, top-half BG or blur.

Record Walk-Around Vehicle Video Tours *

Record & publish live walk-around vehicle video tours in either 640x480 standard resolution or in 1280x720 HD.

Wireless or Bluetooth Window Label & Buyers Guide Printing

Once a vehicle has been published, with a tap, MobileLot gives you a list of window stickers and buyers guides configured for the dealer in your WebLot account. Stickers are easy to configure with our web-based designer. They even support QR Codes and CARFAX® Highlights.


Our invoicing is the best in the industry for lot services companies. Simply tap the services you provided for a vehicle. Easily add non-vehicle related items to an invoice. Print invoices and vehicle services provided reports. You can even easily capture an invoice signature.

Stock # Barcode Scanner

Either manually type a stock number, or if there is a barcode of it, use the barcode scanner.

Easy Tap Equipment Selections

Single-tap to select vehicle equipment from any of 4 categories; Decoded standard equipment, decoded optional equipment, imported equipment, or from a general equipment list that you can customize.

Quickly Select Vehicle Warranties

For dealers with many warranties and who use our "dynamic" sticker configurations, select each vehicles warranty with a tap for printing used car buyers guides.

Light and Dark Modes

MobileLot supports light and dark display modes/themes for both Android and iOS.

Built-In VIN Barcode/QR Code Scanner

Use the quick and reliable built-in VIN barcode/QR code scanner.

Publishing Flexibility

When your done processing vehicle data/photos, you can either publish the data right then, making it instantly available online, or batch upload all or unpublished vehicle data at a later time. Batch uploading from your cool or warm vehicle is perfect for hot or cold days.

Print Queue

With the print queue feature, print labels, buyers guides, reports and invoices in batch when you finish walking the lot and return to your vehicle.

Portrait and Landscape Monroney Window Labels

With our easy to use web-based window sticker design environment, you can also configure landscape vehicle equipment labels. You can even mix both portrail and landscape labels within the same print job.

External Digital Camera Support

Use the built-in photo timer along with our free WebLot Photo Match utility. This method automatically matches your digital camera photos to vehicles based on the date & time the photos were taken.

360° Interior Photos *

Capture up to three 360° interior vehicle images with a RICOH THETA V or S 360° camera.

360° Exterior Spins *

Easily capture SpinLot exterior spins from within the app. You can even have dealer branded overlays placed on your spins. Example.

Two-Sided VEL & Buyers Guide Printing

For those who do not want to use pre-printed VEL's or buyers guide backs, MobileLot can print a blank page after the monroney label (which prints on the back) and then continue printing the front and back of the English and Spanish buyers guides. No need to shuffle forms in and out of your printer. Just tell your printing app to do two-sided printing.

Import Dealer Inventory

Import vehicles from a dealers WebLot account. Useful for importing newly added vehicles added from a incoming feed so that you can quickly take photos or print labels.

Processed Vehicles Reports

Print inventory added or stickers printed reports for field tech tracking or for giving to the dealer with your invoice.

Quick & Easy Data Pickers

Select most vehicle data with easy-tap pickers.

Easily Select Promotional Taglines

If your dealers use promotional text for their cars, a quick tap lets you select from text entries the dealer has added to their account, or, you can key in a new one.

Advanced Filters

Advanced vehicle list filters, designed specifically for dealer lot service, photo service and window label service companies.

Custom Fields

12 custom fields are available for any unique needs your dealers may have. You can even change their titles to remove any confusion during data entry

...and much much more
Dealer Lot Service Smartphone App MobileLot for iOS and Android

Try The Demo Account

Don't have a WebLot account yet but want to demo MobileLot? Download MobileLot from Google Play or the Apple App Store and then login to the demo account with Account ID "0" and Password "demo".

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