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Support Article 5


I tried to install DeskLot and everything went fine until the very end of setup and then setup crashed.


The only time we have seen this problem is when installing DeskLot on a computer that has Windows 95. Windows 95 is not supported. The installation software we use is completely from Microsoft so it is not that DeskLot does not support Windows 95 but rather the Microsoft Windows installer software does not. Windows 95 is more than 8 years old. Please consider upgrading your operating system. In rare cases we have seen this problem occur on machines that used to have Windows 95 and have since been upgraded with a Windows 98SE upgrade installation of windows. So far there is no fix for this.

Make sure you are staying up to date with Microsoft Windows Updates as this can fix many problems and can also help protect your computer from hackers. To check with Microsoft to see if your computer needs any updates (this is a free Microsoft service), go to