St. Augustine Vehicle Photo & Label Service

Now Serving Select Automobile Dealerships in the Saint Augustine, FL Area

High Quality On Lot Vehicle Used Car Dealership Photography Service Company Saint Augustine has been serving the Nationwide dealer lot services industry with quality software for over 22 years. We are now open to serving a select handful of auto dealerships in our local area of St. Augustine, FL.

If your dealership is interested in having a local company take your vehicle photos, videos, interior 360's, exterior spins or printing your monroney labels and buyers guides, give us a call at (800) 615-9981 x10. We can also handle all of your data syndication needs at no additional charge.

Custom Used Car Dealership Window Monroney Labels and Buyers Guides

For those who prefer to do it themselves, we also offer reliable and easy-to-use do-it-yourself solutions! Your dealership can save considerable amounts of money each month by having one of your team members handle these routine tasks in-house... and your vehicles will get online even quicker!

Our enterprise system can handle the largest of dealer groups as well as the smallest of buy-here-pay-here lots. We have dealers all across the United States as well as in Canada who have chosen WalkTheLot to print their own labels due to other providers not being able to meet their needs related to things such as customizable labels, QRCode's for pricing and advanced landscape mode labels.

Join others who have made the switch. You'll be glad that you did. We look forward to serving you soon.

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Standard Services Pricing

Service Price
Photos Service (Staged) * $15/vehicle
Photos Service (Inline) * $10/vehicle
Prebook Photo(s) $5/vehicle
Economy Label & Buyers Guide Service (Add-On to Photos Service) ** $5/vehicle
Premium Exterior Label & Buyers Guide Service (Add-On to Photos Service) ** $8/vehicle
Economy Label & Buyers Guide Service Only ** $10/vehicle
Premium Exterior Label & Buyers Guide Service Only ** $13/vehicle
Label and/or Buyers Guide Reprint $5/vehicle
Required Monthly Backend Fee Standard $125/mo. / Small Lots $75/mo. ****
Self-Service *** $148.50/month + $45/mo VIN Decoding Subscription Per Mobile Device **

Additional Services Pricing

Service Price
Blurred (Portrait Mode) 1st Photo +$1/vehicle
Generic Backgrounding on 1st Photo +$1/vehicle
SpinLot Exterior Spin +$5/vehicle
Theta Interior 360° Photo +$5/vehicle
30-60 Second 640x480 Standard Definition Walk-Around Video. +$5/vehicle
30-60 Second 1280x720 HD Walk-Around Video. +$8/vehicle
* "Staged" photos are where we move each vehicle to a specific location on the lot that you would like the photos taken at. For "inline" photos we take the vehicle photos where the vehicle currently sits.
* Our standard photo service allows up to a resolution of 1280 pixels wide. Most dealers use a resolution of 1024 pixels wide. In rare cases a dealer may want UHD (Ultra High Definition) photos if their website provider supports UHD resolutions. If you would like UHD photos with a resolution of 1920 wide, please double the monthly backend fee.
** All labels and buyers guides are printed via laser printer rather than ink-jet. Laser is of a much better print quality and holds up better to moisture.
** Economy labels are more likely to fade over time or degrade due to weather and may require reprinting. Depending on window tint, the labels may be adhered to the interior of the window resulting in better longevity, or if window tint is a factor, on the outside of the window. Premium labels are designed for exterior use and hold up to weather conditions better.
** For the monroney labels, we pre-print the color portions of the labels, such as the frame, graphics and logos. We then later print the vehicle specific details in black and white with a top-quality laser printer just prior to placing them on the vehicle. Due to power requirements needed for laser printing, we require access to an exterior power outlet for printing.
*** Self-Service pricing excludes additionally priced add-ons such as, but not limited to, domain hosting, walk-around video, automated backgrounding, interior 360° photos and exterior spins.
**** Small lots are considered lots with 40 or less total vehicles on the lot.