DeskLot Features

DeskLot Features

DeskLot is so incredibly flexible and feature rich in order to meet a wide variety of implementation needs for both professional window sticker printing companies and dealers alike. To fully grasp all of it's features and capabilities, download the 30 day risk-free trial and put it to work yourself.

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Below are just some of the features of DeskLot. Granted we can't exhaustively list everything, so it is best if you download it and take 30 days to give it a try for yourself. If you find something that you need to get done in DeskLot, chances are very strong, that it'll do it.

General Features
Unlimited Dealer Accounts*

With the Enterprise version you can enter an unlimited number of dealership accounts, thus, keeping dealer inventories separate. This is perfect for window sticker printing and data collection companies as well as dealer groups who want to manage multiple lots from one location.

Internal Backup & Restore

With the internal backup and restore, you can make sure your data is safely stored on an external or network drive in case of a computer failure. It is also a great way to transfer data from one computer to another. Backup can also remind and prompt you to do a daily or weekly backup.

Extensive Built-In Help

DeskLot has an extensive built-in help system which is context sensitive... meaning, when you press F1 from a particular screen, it will bring up the help relevant to that particular screen.


DeskLot uses Microsoft Access® databases for flexibility.

Inventory Report

With the printable inventory report and it's customize columns, you can choose which vehicles and which columns that you want to see. Great for window sticker companies who need to show the dealer a list of vehicles that they processed that day.


Want your data stored on a network server/share so other copies of DeskLot can share the data, or so the server can back it up? In DeskLot you can choose the location where you want your data to be stored.

FTP Choices

When vehicle data needs to be sent via FTP, FTPs or FTPs/SSH to other sites, you can either use the reliable built-in file transfer protocol engine, or for WS_FTP users, use the WS_FTP scripting engine.

Check for Updates

The Check for Updates utility helps insure that you're running the latest version of the software.

Vehicle Photos
Up To 50 Photos Per Vehicle

DeskLot supports up to 50 photos per vehicle.

Automatic Watermarks

Automatically have an overlay/watermark added to vehicle photos when you add them. Set the location, transparency and transparency color for amazing looking overlay banners or borders on your images. Overlay just photo 1, or overlay them all.

Automatic Certified Watermarks

Automatically have a different overlay/watermark added to CERTIFIED vehicle photos when you add them.

Automatic Photo Resizing

DeskLot can automatically resize your vehicle photos (such as to 1024x768, 800x600 or 640x480) when you add them to a vehicle. You can even set the JPG quality. No more 3rd party image resizing utilities.

Batch (Bulk) Photo Matching

Don't want to match photos to vehicles one vehicle at a time? Use the start and stop taking photos timer when editing each vehicle. When your done, use "batch match photos". DeskLot will look at the date and time of each photo and know which vehicles to assign the photos to and in what order.

Vehicle Editing
Optional "VIN Advanced" VIN Exploder**

With just the VIN, DeskLot can give you most data about the vehicle, narrowed down by trim level, such as Year, Make, Model, Trim, Generic, Trim Level Specific, and Optional Equipment, Engine, Transmission, Factory Colors, MSRP, MPG values, Class, Doors, Engine Cylinders, Body Style, Model Code, and more.

Free Basic VIN Decoding

VIN decoding via the NHTSA vPIC Internet-based VIN decoder is built-in.

Vehicle Data Learning

For users who don't use the VIN exploder, DeskLot can be set to remember what vehicle data you've entered in the past, so that it can automatically populate vehicle editing drop downs. For example: After the first time you enter a Chevrolet Malibu, each time after that you enter Chevrolet, the drop down list for Model will present you with Malibu as a Model choice. The same goes for Trim. DeskLot also remembers Fuel Types, Interior and Exterior Colors, Engines, Transmissions, Body Styles and Categories. The object here is that after you've manually typed something once, in the future you shouldn't have to type it again, but rather can just select it from a drop down list.

Custom Equipment Check List

For users who don't use the VIN exploder (and for those who do), you can customize a list of common equipment items that are available for vehicles. Then, adding equipment is easy. Just arrow key through the check list and tap space to select each equipment item that is on the vehicle.

Quick Pic Warranties

DeskLot makes it easy to add/select warranty information for vehicles so that you can print dynamic buyers guides. Check off warranty selections such as "Full", "Limited" warranty, enter parts and labor percentages covered, etc, then save the warranty as a configuration. Then, next time you need to select that warranty for a vehicle, just select it from the list and it's all entered for you for that particular vehicle. Supports an unlimited number of warranty configurations.

Custom Fields

DeskLot comes standard with all of the vehicle fields that are most commonly used. However, in the event that you need a field that DeskLot doesn't have, DeskLot offers up to 12 "custom fields" that you can name whatever you like.

Vehicle Status

Never wonder where a vehicle is again with the "Status" field. Right-click a vehicle in the list to easily change the Status. Options are: Auction, Body Shop, Detail, Loaner, Lot, Service, Sold, Transit, Wholesale and Other.


The vehicle copy function can save a ton of time when entering similar vehicles, such as you might do when entering NEW vehicles into the system.

Window Stickers
Batch Printing or One at a Time

Print windows stickers and buyers guides in batch by checking off multiple vehicles in the vehicle list, or print them one at a time via the vehicle edit screen.

Use Any Labels You Want

Use whatever window sticker forms/labels you like from whomever you like. We don't force you to purchase ours. Print on blank or pre-printed forms.

Print Static & Dynamic Buyers Guides

Depending on how many different types or warranties that you offer for your vehicles, you'll want to choose whether to use "Static" or "Dynamic" buyers guides. With "Static" buyers guides, you hard code within the actual sticker configuration what warranty data (such as systems covered, percentage of parts and labor) and what check marks (such as No Warranty) that you want printed on the buyers guides. This is great for dealers who only have one or two warranty types since it saves the time by not having to select a warranty when adding each vehicle. With "Dynamic" buyers guides, when adding each vehicle, you select a warranty for that specific vehicle. Then, the buyers guide sticker configuration dynamically populates the buyers guide with the warranty information from the vehicle record rather than just filling in the warranty information with the same thing for each vehicle. Dynamic buyers guides work best for dealers that have many different types of warranties. This way, you don't have to try to remember what buyers guide sticker to print for a particular vehicle since the warranty data is coming from what warranty was selected for each vehicle.

Spanish Buyers Guides

Now included, buyers guide templates for Spanish FTC labels.

Over 60 Templates

Over 60 window sticker templates are included to help you get up and going quickly. Just add your logo and you're good to go.

Unlimited Stickers

Print as many stickers are you need. We don't charge print fees.

QR Codes

Print QR Codes on your stickers so that consumers can scan the code with their smart phones and be taken to a web page of your choice, such as a credit application page, inventory list, coupon, or specific vehicles Internet web page.

Add What You Want Where You Want

With DeskLot, you can basically design about any style of sticker. Add elements such as Text, Vehicle Field Data, combined Text w/ Vehicle Data, Graphics, Lines, Rectangles, Rounded Corner Rectangles, Circles, Arcs, QR Codes, and CARFAX® Highlights. Place what you want where you want. Resize it. Customize colors, fonts, and more.


The sticker design environment is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). See exactly how the sticker will look as you design it.

Copy, Export & Import

Make copies of sticker configurations for safe keeping in case of a mistake. Export and Import sticker configurations for safe keeping, or for sending between computers. This is perfect for sticker companies so that one person can design the stickers, then email them off to the field tech for importing into their field copy of DeskLot.

Bulk Move

Need to move EVERYTHING up, down, left or right? Use the bulk-move feature within the window sticker configuration environment.

Layout Guides

When designing stickers, you can have the system place a grid on the design stage to aid you in lining things up and for knowing how far to move something. If the grid is on when you print the sticker from the design environment, the system will also place rulers on the top and left to aid in measuring when to place various elements.

Importing & Exporting Vehicle Data & Photos
Import Delimited Text Files

Import vehicle data from local delimited text files such as CSV, Tab, Pipe, or custom delimiters.

Import from MS-Access

Import vehicle data from a local Microsoft Access® database.

Export to Local Delimited Text Files

Export vehicle data to a local delimited text file for importing into another software package, for opening in Excel®, or for emailing to another party.

Export Vehicle Data & Photos to 3rd Party Inventory Providers

DeskLot has a very powerful and customizable engine for exporting vehicle data and photos to remote 3rd party inventory providers. In fact, it's the same basic technology that we use at on the servers for our WebLot product to automatically send thousands of inventory feeds for the multitude of dealers who usewebLot. Additionally, our staff actually use DeskLot to create the inventory export configurations that the servers use to send feeds to the wide variety of 3rd parties that we send data to. Inventory data can be sent as most any type of delimited text file. Photos can be set to be renamed how the 3rd party wants them to be named. Data conversion rules applied. The file(s) optionally zipped, then sent off via FTP or Email.

Batch Import / Export

Got quite a few imports, exports or web publishing configurations to be sent and don't want to baby-sit them waiting for one to finish before manually started the next one? With the Batch function, you can check off all of the data imports and exports that you want to be sent, and in what order. They'll send one after the other automatically until they all are complete.

Command Line Scheduled Import / Exports

Want to automate things? Perhaps your nightly feeds to 3rd party inventory providers? Use DeskLot command line options along with Microsoft® Task Scheduler to automatically Launch DeskLot at a certain time and process imports, exports, or a batch.

Copy, Import & Export Configurations

Want another import or export configuration that is almost the same as an existing one? Use the "copy" function to duplicate configurations then just change the one or two things that need to be changed. Need to send a configuration to another DeskLot user?... such as to a window sticker company field tech? The "Import a Configuration" and "Export a Configuration" features can handle that.

ASP / MS-Access Web Publishing

Need inventory for your web site? If your web site is running on a Microsoft® IIS web server you can use our ASP / MS-Access Web Publishing feature to push ASP inventory pages, the MS-Access database, and vehicle photos to your web site via FTP. Just modify the included ASP web page templates to your liking. Then, when you need to update the inventory on your site, just click a button and off it goes.

Standard HTML Web Publishing

If your web site is not hosting on a Microsoft® IIS web server and you just need simple and basic inventory for your site, you can use the Standard HTML Web Publishing feature. Modify the included HTML templates to your liking. Then, when you want to publish your inventory to your site, just click a button. DeskLot will use those templates to build a master inventory list and individual web pages for each vehicle, upload the web pages and vehicle photos to your site via FTP, and whallah, you're done.

* Indicates only available in the Enterprise version. ** Indicates requires an additionally priced monthly subscription.

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