DeskLot Support

DeskLot Support

Here are a few support options that answer most questions and/or solve most problems that you might run into when using DeskLot.

Built-In Help

DeskLot has a extensive help system built right into it that answers most questions about how to use it most effectively. To access the built-in help, from anywhere within the program, press your F1 key.


Also within the DeskLot built-in help system, there are a couple of tutorials which you will find VERY useful when modifying or designing window stickers. To locate the tutorials, press F1 for help. Click on "Help Topics" toward the upper-left. Then click "Window Sticker Configuration Utility Help (StickerC.exe)". Finally, locate the following two tutorials in the "Tutorials" section: "Getting Started" and "Replacing Logo on a Sample Template with your Logo". If you'll just spend 5-10 minutes with these tutorials, they'll cut your learning curve time down considerably and save you tons of valuable time.

Support Articles

Search our technical support articles for resolutions to previous problems, how-to-articles, and more. Enter one or more key words separated by spaces into the form to the upper-left. Example: "Transfer Registration". If you do not get any results, try being less specific or try viewing all articles by clicking here.

Support Downloads

Is the software asking you to download an additional file? Missing a template? Click here for our support downloads page.

Contact Us

Still need help? Click here to contact a member of our support staff.