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How to Upgrade to DeskLot 4.0


DeskLot versions older than version 4.0 used the "Microsoft Windows Installer" software to install the software. Version 4.0 and above now use the "InstallShield" installer to install DeskLot.

Due to this fact, you need to uninstall the old version of DeskLot and install it again with the new version of the installation program.

For future reference, in your current DeskLot software, click the File menu and then Settings. Then click the Networking tab. Write down the setting for the "User Data and Databases" folder setting... you will need this later.

Before uninstalling the old version, be sure to do a backup of your files just in case. Some previous installations have been known to uninstall some user data also. You are the one responsible for your data. To backup your files click "File" and then "Backup" or "Backup Data" (depending on your DeskLot version) from the main menu (the screen where your vehicle list is shown).

An additional way to backup your data is to browse your computer. Navigate to your C: Drive, then Program Files and then the WalkTheLot DeskLot folder. If your "User Data and Databases" folder setting that you looked up a couple of steps ago is different, navigate to that location instead. Once you have located the folder, right-click on it and click "Copy". Now navigate to C:\Program Files\ (or any other location you want to place the copy of the data at), right-click the folder and click "Paste". You should now have a folder called "Copy of WalkTheLot DeskLot".

To uninstall the old version of DeskLot go to your Windows "Start" menu and locate "Control Panel". In Control Panel select "Add/Remove Programs", locate your DeskLot installation and uninstall it.

To install the new 4.0 version of DeskLot, either go to and click the "Download" link and download the latest installation just as you did when you initially downloaded and installed it, or, you may go to the direct link

Once the new version is installed, you will more than likely NOT see your data. That is because it is stored in the old data location (assuming it didn't get removed during the uninstall) C:\Program Files\WalkTheLot DeskLot\. DeskLot 4.0 now stores its data in a different folder for compatibility with Windows Vista. To find out where 4.0 is looking for its data at, in the new DeskLot, click File, then Settings and click the Networking tab. Write down the setting for the "User Data and Databases" folder.

In Windows Vista the "User Data and Databases" folder is normally C:\ProgramData\WalkTheLot DeskLot\. In XP or below it is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\WalkTheLot DeskLot\.

You will now want to copy your data files from the folder where the old version had them stored to the new "User Data and Databases" folder. If you like you can just copy everything, however, only the following files and folders are nessicary:

  • ALL files that have a MDB file extension. They will normally show in Explorer as a file "Type" "Microsoft Access Application" and will have a burgundy little key over a white paper icon.
  • The "ASP" folder.
  • The "Chrome" folder.
  • The "Chrome Exploder" folder (if it exists).
  • The "HTML" folder.
  • The "Sample_Images" folder.
  • The "Sticker_Thumbs" folder.
  • The "UserImages" folder.

Important Windows Vista note: In Windows Vista, Windows will not let you see the C:\ProgramData folder. This is just one of it's overbearing rediculous security issues. You will need to either do a "Search" for "ProgramData" or location the "Run" command in Windows Vista. In the "Run" dialog box, type in "C:\ProgramData" and click "Open". Then you will be able to see the WalkTheLot DeskLot folder contained within it and you may open it to copy your data into.

Lastly, open DeskLot. You MAY get errors at first since we haven't taken this next step. Once again go to File and then Settings. Click Networking. Now click the button to launch "DBPathConv.exe" and follow the instructions. This utility simply looks through all of the databases and changes any occurences of your old data path to your new data path. Once this is done, just exit DeskLot, come back in and you should be in good shape.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact us.