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Transferring a DeskLot Registration to a Different Computer


1st make sure you are on a version on your old computer that has Backup AND Restore. Go to "File" and then "Backup / Restore Data" and insure that you have a "Restore" tab there. DeskLot versions 4.5 and above have this.

If you do not have Backup *AND* Restore, use "Check for Updates" to update your DeskLot to a more recent version.

Do a backup file of your old computers files (pay attention to where it places the backup or change the destination location to somewhere of your choosing).

Get that backup to your new computer somehow via a network drive, USB drive, CD, etc.

On the new computer, download and install the latest version from the website. It will be in trial mode. Go to Backup / Restore Data and restore your data from the previously backed up file into your NEW computer.

Once you are sure the new installation is functioning perfectly and your data is there and you no longer have need of the old one, do the following:

On the old computer go to the "Register" screen.

Write down the "Serial Number".

Then, from that same "Register" screen and type the following: UNREGISTER

You do NOT need to place your mouse cursor in any fields and you won't see the word being typed... just type it blindly. If you make a mistake in typing, you will need to exit the "Register" screen and try again. Take it slow. If you do it right, it will give you a "Validation Code" that we need to verify that you have disabled this copy of DeskLot.

On the new computer, go to the "Register" screen and write down the NEW "Serial Number"

Email us the following (Note: Our email addresses are not shown because spam robots will crawl our pages and collect our email address for spamming. Please visit the contact us page to submit your codes):

Validation Code
Old Serial Number
New Serial Number

And we handle it from there by emailing you a new unlock code for the new computer.


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