DeskLot Support

Support Article 43


When installing DeskLot the installer makes it most of the way through the installation and then performs a rollback.


The first thing to do is visit and make sure that your computer is current with all updates. This may take multiple visits to the Microsoft update site to catch up on all updates.

If this does not correct the installation problem, you'll need to enable Windows Installer logging on your computer by following the steps below:

Open the registry editor by clicking "Start", and then "Run". In the "Run" dialog box type "REGEDIT".

Once in the Windows registry editor, locate the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" section and expand it with the + sign.

Locate "Software" and expand it.

Locate "Policies" and expand it.

Locate "Microsoft" and expand it.

Locate "Windows" and expand it.

Locate "Installer".

Right-click the "Installer" branch on the left. Then select "New" and then "String Value". Name the new value "Logging". You may need to right-click "New Value 1" and select "Rename" if the registry editor automatically have it a name.

Right-click "Logging" and select "Modify". For "Value Data" enter "voicewarmupx".

Now you should have an entry under "Comnputer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer" named "Logging" with a "Data" value of "voicewarmupx".

Close the Windows registry editor.

Now run the DeskLot installation again. At the end of the installation (or failure), there should be an option to view the windows installer log. Select that option and then email our support staff the entire log file contents. If there is no such option at the end of the installation process:

Click your "Start" menu and select "Run". In the "Run" dialog box type "%TEMP%" (without the quotes) and select "OK". Windows will display the contents of this folder. Sort the list by the "Date Modified". You should see a file with a ".LOG" extension that was modified on the exact date and time that you attempted your installation. Open the file to review it to make sure it has some contents about DeskLot. Then email our support staff the file.


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