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Support Article 9


Importing Data from Reynolds & Reynolds DMS


Reynolds & Reynold DMS users: If you have the Era Client/Server package which is available as an add-on from Reynolds & Reynold, you can define a custom Delimited Text Export from R&R. We suggest exporting the file as a CQV (Comma Quoted Values) file. Once you have defined and exported a CQV export file from R&R with all of the fields you wish to import into DeskLot, simply create a new Data Transfer Configuration (available via the '"Data Transfer" menu option and "New Configuration") in DeskLot for ASCII Text File Import, browse to your exported file, and match up which fields in the R&R exported file you want assigned to what DeskLot fields. You can set the DeskLot DTC configuration to Merge and even have it run the import each time you open DeskLot. Whenever you want your DeskLot inventory updated, simple re-run the CQV export report in R&R, which will update the export file with your latest DMS data and then re-run your DeskLot Data Transfer configuration which will merge/import the file. For more assistance, contact R&R support or a qualified person in your dealership.


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