WebLot Add-Ons

WebLot Add-On's

With a WebLot account, most everything that most users need is included for no additional charge, including a free basic NHTSA VIN decoder. The exceptions are optional services that we pay an additional fee to other provders for such as those listed below. All add-on's require a WebLot account.

VIN Advanced VIN Decoder

Basic NHTSA VIN decoding is available for free within our WebLot product. For those wishing to do comprehensive VIN decodes within our MobileLot app, a VIN Advanced subscription is required. VIN Advanced allows unlimited detailed decodes.

See à la carte pricing.

360° Interior Photos

Capture up to three stunning 360° interior images per vehicle with your Ricoh Theta V or S 360 camera and our MobileLot app.

See à la carte and package pricing.

"SpinLot" 360° Vehicle Exterior Spins

Capture vehicle exterior spins, including with optional dealer branded overlay via our MobileLot app. Drag to rotate, tap/click to zoom and full screen mode. Simple, affordable and to the point. Click here for a sample.

See à la carte and package pricing.

Live Vehicle Walk-Around Video Recording and Video Hosting

Use our MobileLot app for iOS and Android to record vehicle walk-around videos and upload them to WebLot. You can also use WebLot to upload pre-existing vehicle video tours.

The WebLot system can optionally place an intro video clip at the beginning of each uploaded video as well as stamp a photo overlay over the videos for the ultimate in dealer branding. For those who prefer to skip manual audio narration, audio can be automatically stripped from videos and a background audio track can be added automatically if so desired.

See à la carte and package pricing.

Automated MobileLot Vehicle Image Backgrounding

Use our MobileLot app for iOS and Android to apply backgrounding to vehicle images with just a couple of taps. Choose from 6 different backgrounds and 3 different backgrounding methods; full backgrounding, top-half backgrounding or blur. Click here to view a sample.

See other add-ons pricing.

DMS Polling

For polling vehicle data from a dealers DMS, we subcontract with Authenticom. Vehicle data is polled once per week day at approximately 5AM. This add-on is priced at $40 per month per dealer with a $60 setup fee. Depending on the dealers abilities and cooperation in the setup process, setup can take from 5-10 days.

See à la carte pricing.

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting is not required to use WebLot, nor to use the WebLot inventory modules. Domain hosting is having the website files that belong to your domain (i.e. www.mysite.com) hosted and served from our servers. One side benefit of having a dealership site hosted on our Microsoft IIS servers is it is much easier to configure frameless inventory being embedded into site pages with the use of Microsofts HTTPXML object. Most domain hosting accounts also include email and DNS hosting. For more information see our hosting plans page.

See hosting plans pricing.