WebLot Features

WebLot Features

WebLot is an incredibly flexible and feature rich product with a multitude of customization and implementation options designed specifically for professional window sticker companies of any size. In fact, dealer service companies coast-to-coast use it each and every day to successfully manage and run their businesses.

You might not initially need every feature and option, but when the need arises, it's good to know they are there so that you can quickly solve the issue at hand and get back to making money processing lots. Keep in mind, not every feature is listed, but if you need it, it is probably there.

Vehicle Management

Manage all vehicle data from one central location for all dealership accounts.

Dealer Settings

Manage a plethora of dealer specific settings from one centralized location.

Window Label Design

Incredibly flexible & easy to use window label & buyers guide design.

Window Sticker Templates

Save design time by copying from templates or previously designed labels.

Sticker Assignments

Assign labels to specific dealers to save clutter when choosing stickers to print.

Sticker Elements

Many elements available, including CarFax®, QR codes & barcodes.

Employee Logins

Create logins for your employee's, keeping them from seeing your financial data.

Dealer Staff Logins

Create dealers staff logins. An employee leaves? Simply delete their login.

Domain Branding

Free backend private label domain branding. Example: dealers.mydomain.com

Color Schemes

Select from 9 different backend color schemes to match your brand.


Create and track basic dealer invoicing for services provided.

Dealer Vehicle Field Permissions

Select which vehicles fields each dealer can see & edit.

Vehicle List Customization

Customize which columns show in your vehicle listings.

Filter, Sort & Print

Easily filter, sort & print vehicles. Printing inherits applied sort, columns & filters.

Inventory Syndication

Reliable & automated inventory exports to dealer sites & 3rd party classified sites.

Export Logs

Logs of each inventory export are saved for 7 days to aid in troubleshooting.

Backend Logs

Both dealer & admin activity are logged, showing who did what & when.

Incoming Vehicle Data Feeds

Automated vehicle data imports from most popular inventory providers.

Website Inventory Modules

Easy to configure website modules. Show all dealers or only a individual dealer.

Global Lead Viewing

View all leads that come in for dealers who use our site inventory modules.

Dealer Backend

Each of your dealers can login to a dealer backend & manage their vehicles & leads.

Basic Dealer Sites

With our website inventory modules you can configure a complete basic website.

Dealer Messages

Post messages to one or all dealers & it will show up when they logs in.

Complete Dealer Setting Control

There are a multitude of dealer specific settings at your disposal.

Years of Refinement

We've been at this for over 2 decades... refining the system based on client needs.

Much Much More

WebLot has everything you would expect & need and much more.

If you have questions about any features that are important to you that are not listed, please contact us so that we can answer your specific questions.

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